Stavokontrukt Liberec

Basic information:

Company Stavokonstrukt Liberec s.r.o. has the advantage of long-term experience with sheathing of hotel objects by sandwich panels (KINGSPAN, P-SYSTEMS,..).

On the basis of this experience we created an integrated system of light suspended facade, as a substitution to the presently terminating curtain walls from panels made in Boletice. 

The system results from the requirements of investors to preserve the internal operation as long as possible – workers enter only for the insertion of windows and creation of laminate curtain walls (aprx. 1 day/office) or plasterboard curtain walls. In case of investor’s requirement we are able to secure the phasing of implementation to internal and external surfaces or implement only external sheathing (see referential buildings). It is possible to implement curtain walls also without exchange of windows. 

No further indirect costs occur in connection with the application of our system (strengthening of steel frame, reconstruction of heating system, additional wall footings...).

Currently under construction

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Our company has undergone in the first half of 2009 the process of certifying the quality of management system (ISO 9001:2001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2005), met all its requirements and on the basis of the certification audit was issued by the certification authority DQS Cert Ltd., accredited to Czech Institute for Accreditation, ops under number 3165, certificate of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2001 and Environmental Management System Certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005. 

Certifikát ČSN EN ISO 9001-2001   Certifikát ČSN EN ISO 14001-2005   Certifikát - politika kvality enviromentu


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Provides complex services in this field:

  • Architectural rendering of facade and colour solution 
  • Project for building approval including its provision
  • Execution of building including provision of the building acceptation

Overview of the company activities:

  • Investment-engineering activity in the building industry
  • Projects of ground buildings
  • Execution of reconstructions of external cladding from ”Boletice” panels

Certifikát kingspan   Certifikát zlatý lev

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